Today’s competitive market offers a window of opportunity for aggressive vendor’s that remain proactive and in charge of various transactions. Funding represents a fundamental source in any operation and streamlining its various elements can ensure a quick, organized and profitable operation.
As your lease center we can offer your company:

  • Up to 100% financing on a variety of equipments.
  • Access to funds nationwide.
  • Sub-prime and Alternative credit programs.
  • Expedited funding for Elite Vendors.
  • Fast Credit approvals.
  • Competitive rates.
  • New business programs.
  • Pre-Funding Available

*Elite vendors qualify for revenue participation programs.

First Financial is thoroughly committed to developing a network of preferred vendors. With ever increasing industry competition, sensibility lies in the capacity to offer customers a higher availability of options. Whether your customer’s interests are rooted in cash conservation or simply in the securitization of cost effective funds, First Financial will ensure that your customers realize them.

The First Financial vendor program offers your clientele yet another way to purchase their equipment. You can remain involved every step of the way or simply have us contact your customer directly, leaving the necessary tasks up to us. Should you decide to remain involved throughout the entire process, First Financial will gladly educate your staff on the relevant processes and procedures from beginning to end.

The benefit is not only offering your customer another alternative to acquire equipment, but also in utilizing the strength and financial expertise of our company to help complete the transaction and expedite payment to you.

By offering your customers the option to lease the equipment you:

*Help overcome price objections — You structure the payment to fit your customer’s cash flow, without sacrificing your profit margin.

*Can make larger sales — Your customers can make payments over time to the leasing company and do not have to come up with all the money upfront. You in turn, get paid by the leasing company upon delivery and acceptance of the equipment by the customer.

*Remain competitive — If you are not offering leasing as an option, chances are that your competition is.

Contact one or our Account Executives at +1 (888) 211-2197 or e-mail us at with any questions or to discuss a possible transaction.

First Financial has a Vendor Program that will work for your company.