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For years, First Financial has been financing small and mid-sized businesses throughout the U.S. Our growth and success is attributed to the business model we built designed to support the needs of these companies. We now can offer cross-boarder financing arranging capital for qualified businesses within our syndication program.

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Not every business is staffed with a CFO and a personal banker. That is why First Financial provides a dedicated account manager trained to provide a variety of solutions based on the needs of each of their customers.


 2 Minutes Application, 2 Hour Approval, 2 Day Funding

Regardless of adequate planning, businesses oftentimes have to move quickly. First Financial responds to this need. Our One-Page Application-Only program can provide up to $250,000 same day approval. We will fund transactions within 24 hours. Our web site provides real-time access to transaction data.


First Financial coordinates with your equipment vendors ensuring timely delivery and properly working equipment in order to complete a timely funding.

Our expert team of account managers works directly with businesses, equipment vendors, and brokers. Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your short and long-term financing needs.

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Our Services

Capital Lease

Operating Lease (True Lease)

Working Capital

Master Lease

Sale Leaseback

Account Receivable Financing

Purchase Order Financing

A capital lease has the characteristics of a purchase agreement in being able to use the equipment while having little or no upfront costs and more manageable fixed payments ( see Benefits of Leasing ).

An operating lease has the characteristics of a rental agreement while giving you (Lessee) the right to claim 100% of the lease payments as a deduction* ( see Benefits of Leasing ).

Working capital is a type of loan with no specific designation as to the purpose of use. It gives you the freedom to allocate funds at your discretion.

A master lease structure allows you to obtain additional equipment under the original lease contract agreed to without having to renegotiate a new contract.

A sale leaseback involves the sale of your equipment to the lessor and the subsequent lease of the same equipment back to you, in turn freeing up capital.

The account receivable financing program assists you in enhancing the benefits of any outstanding receivables thus improving cash flow.

The purchase order financing program assists you in financing your pending purchase orders to improve cash flow.